Friday, January 22, 2010

Tut 9: Dropping your IDE


So far, I've been using an IDE for most of the tutorials I've done.
To get "real" cross-platform compilation, and not make everyone
else use the same IDE as you to work on a certain project, you
need to adapt to a Build System.

The most common build system in the past was Make. (& freinds.)
Originally developed years ago, I think it was a revolution. But now
I think its an outdated, unusable piece of software.

Waf: Please stand up:
Waf is a new build system, based on Scons, and its written in Python.
This means that to use Waf, you dont need to learn any "new"
scripting language, all you need to do, is learn a couple of "keywords"
that will use waf to build your program.

 There's a zip here, which has a "full C++ demo" of Gtkmm & Waf.
Inside the zip, there's a file called
If you open it with a text editor, you'll get a run through of how to use
Waf.  If you open a terminal in that location, and type:
Its going to configure, build, run, and then clean up your program.
Ie: Prepare to build, Build, Run, and Remove the compiled program.

Hope that's a help to those looking for a simple tut, -Harry

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