Thursday, January 17, 2013

MlTutorial: Working with the MediaLovinToolkit


I've been interested in doing some video coding for a while now, but never really got into it yet. Until today, when I re-attempted (yes, I'd tried before :) to achieve some simple functionality with MLT.

Initially I found it very difficult to find any resources as to how one can use the MLT framework from C++, but some googling led me to various resources scattered around the internet.

The MLT github repo as a super-simple example (which although informative doesn't scale up to the use of filters or any advanced functionality):

A search around the net showed me this post on a forum
This seemed to be more along the lines of what I had hoped for, however the code segfaults upon running...

Finally the "tests" subdir in the MLT tarball provide some test program code, but its difficult to understand (IMO) as its not commented for learning purposes:

So between these resources I've decided to bunch together some examples of how to use MLT using C++. The code is online on github, and may be useful to others hoping to learn to use the MLT framework.

There's currently two "playback" tutorials, and one "filter" tutorial. Reading them will show the rough design of the MLT library, and how to use it. Advanced functionality tutorials will be added as I learn it myself :)

Welcoming issues / merge requests from MLT users / devs / anybody!
Cheers, -Harry