Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Announce: PreHear *listen* to your samples

Hey all,

Its been a while, and I've been busy enough learning vala, writing
.vapi "binding" files, and just learning a bit more C in general.

But now for the fruit, a small handy little audio sample auditioner.
Currently it supports the JACK audio connection kit for audio output,
and will load any .wav, .au, or .aiff file you throw at it.

There are options as to play the whole file (play button),
play starting from position X (Play X), and to play from
position X, a duration of Y (Play X Y).

See attached screenshot for a "visual explaination".. and note the arrows
are a little sloppy.. I know! :-)

Getty link here: Link to Source Code download
Or get a built tarball here: Link to download

Cheers, -Harry

PS: Screenshot