Sunday, January 16, 2011

Luppp : Update Funky


Its a special day: 10,000+ lines.

Lots of work been done: UI got a real haul over, but under the bonnet there's a structure for automating data, and some initial multi-threading is going on to keep the RT thread doing what its supposed to!

The following shots nicely show off the funky new UI:

"Loopers", each one will* represent an audio loop, and provide some nice effects like reversing a part of the loop, swapping parts around & beat-grinding...

I've only 2 hands so automation is essential: take it away! Any parameter can be controlled via OSC! Working on an implementation of MIDI LEARN, to open access to every MIDI thing out there

Finally (& most funky): The mixer.

Needs a little overhaul to not look your tripping, but basic features are there, the big orange is the fader, red-green-blue is a 3 band eq, under it the black line shows PAN (all 0 in shot).

Will post back when that 60's look is gone, -Harry

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Luppp: Getting there

Hey all,

Serious progress going on! Audio input can be recorded (in time with the timebase) played back at a certain bpm (in sync with other files at the same bpm) effects can be applied to the signal stream (LADSPA only for now), and the resulting signals can be mixed with logarithmic faders, and finally the peak meters show you your levels ;-)

As you can see: there's a shiny "Add Track" button at the top of the screen, dynamically adds tracks to infinity...

The number in the left of the "track" widgets is its OSC ID, you'll need it to do things to that track!

The smaller numbers show how many beats there are in the loaded sample, and how many have elapsed.

The record button is there so you can enable.. duh

The orange faders give volume control (with a log scale of x^3, feels nice with a MIDI controller ;-)  Then the master output levels, and then the HUGE number to tell you what beat your on!

Next features: PFL on each mixer track, master faders, PFL faders, busses (sends), GUI interface to LADSPA effects (engine done :-)

Also needed: Some threading to allow RT thread not have to load / write audio samples, send large OSC messages etc. Working on it!

Cheers, till next! -Harry