Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Luppp: Update 4


Lots of time has passed since the last update, here's the latest.
  • Preliminary sequencing has been implemented. Eg: get to bar beat tick 0, record a loop of OSC stuff, reverse to BBT 0 again, and it will play back. Currently this is being implemented in a "normal" fashion (OOP not hack)..
  • -Though has been going about the OSC interface. I'm seriously concidering using sigc++ signals instead. Reasons: Liblo is pretty hard to compile for windows. It depends on pthreads, again hard to compile. OSC ports sometimes stay "used" and the server cant start. Disadvantage is the loss of OSC support and lots of work. :-( tough choice.
  • Also trying to work out how to neatly have a mixer for the signals with sends & returns, while keeping the code understandable... its fun!

Till next, -Harry