Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Luppp: New Feature! AutoMove

Over the last days a new feature was designed & implemented: AutoMove.

The idea is simple; in a live situation you just don't have time to write automation lines, not even simple ones! You also don't have a hand free to turn up your reverb during the next 16 bars, so what do you do? AutoMove it!

The following GIF animation of screenshots gives it all away:

There are preset automation lines, and widgets that are active get scaled by the AutoMove's value. You press one button, and it does the rest. Now we're making music :)

Available in the master branch as of right now!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Luppp: Alpha 1

Alpha 1 status:
100%  -  Closed

Today the last bug on the Alpha1 milestone has been closed, hence also the alpha1 release of Luppp 2.0. In a way this is a big occasion, its the first official release!

Alpha1 in action, with various effects and clips!

On the other hand, there's still a bucket load of work to be done before Luppp will be comfortable to use without various hardware controllers. I'm aware that there's lots of half-finished, half broken as well as broken stuff! Hey its still alpha!

Current milestone: Alpha2
There's already a list of bugs / feature requests up! There's also many GUI issues that are known and NOT there, but I'd prefer fix them than waste time posting a bug report.

Welcoming (adventurous alpha) testers, any issues will be dealt with as promptly as possible! Please file bug reports here:

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Luppp: New Effects interface

After a "push" quiet period, I've just pushed up a couple of branches changes:
-Luppp's GUI has had a bit of work
-Effect control from the APC40 has been revamped
-Effects sends have been implemented

-The GUI now shows the effects under the track, in a small widget: reasons? Now you can always see the state of all your effects, not just the ones on your currently selected track. Better for live situations!

-The APC40 has 8 buttons under the Device controls, they now each map to Effect on/off. They're labelled for a different purpose, but I find this use quite intuitive.

-Post fader sends are implemented, including widget representing the state. The GUI widget doesn't work yet (ie won't change the value) but it does update upon a controller change.

I've pushed the changes to devel, but also the master branch, AFAIK its stable.