Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Luppp Project

Hey all,

I've started a project a good while back, called Luppp.
Its a live looper. Woohoo you think, another one. Yes.

(IMO) Some loopers:
- dont stimulate the creative musical side in an artist. (look ugly)
- have too much functionality. (buffer features, advanced menu's)

- only support MIDI or Audio, (multiple programs = messy desktop)
- "feel" too laggy.. (Ableton's UI?)

Why go to the bother of writing it yourself? Well somebody needs to,
and there are other efforts going on (Check Composite, Seq24).
Although Seq24 is a great MIDI looper, I always find the music I make using it is the "same old" song I do every time.

How is Luppp being built?
C++ baby. And Python. And OSC.
Currently the UI is totally built using Gtkmm & C++ , for fast widget drawing.
Python is used as the "prototype" for backends.
OSC is implemented in both the UI & the backend, to allow flexibility in "how" you use the program.

Gets loaded from a GtkBuilder XML file, signals get connected to appropriate parts of it, and its shown. The rest is handled by callback functions in C++.

Currently written in Python, although I do intend to move these over to C++ once nessisary. They currently "do" the stuff you want Luppp to.

The Luppp UI has an OSC server. This means you can send commands to Luppp, and it will respond as if you clicked somewhere. This is an amazing feature, as it allows ALL parameters inside Luppp to be controlled using external hardware if you want to. So "No-Computer-Nessisary" kinda applies.

When can we expect an Alpha release?   : Buzz off. Ill let you know.
Where can we get your source code?       : Download it here.
How can we informed when its released?: LinuxAudioAnnounce & a post here.

Cheerio, -Harry

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