Friday, January 22, 2010

Tut 8: Loading a Glade UserInterface file. (Gtk::Builder)

Hey guys,

As you may have noticed I've slowed a little on the tutorials,
mainly due to working on Luppp quite a bit. Here's a quick
one on how to load up a glade file though. Note that it does NOT
use libGlademm, rather Gtk::Builder, the newer version.

Gtk::Builder doesn't have any external dependencies outside of Gtkmm,
so its a good idea to switch to it. (there are also technical differences, but
they're outside the scope of this tutorial.)

Here we go: Code!
There's a .zip attached here, with well commented main.cpp inside, as well as a file called basic.ui, which is the Gtk::Builder User Interface.

I've decided its a bit cleaner to put my code in the .zips rather than here on
the blog, so expect a link to a zip in most tutorials!

Till next time, -Harry

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