Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Luppp milestone: Timestretch!

Although its been a relatively quite period for development (due to lots of deadlines) today one of Luppp's long term goals has been reached: on-the-fly time stretching per track.

For the non-techie: This means that you can play a melody loop, and slow it down or speed it up, and the audio will remain in the same key! (No turntable RPM effect? Nope :)

Mandatory examples:

Although I'd call the quality "passable" is obviously not fantastic but there's some parameters in the algorithm that are available to tweak, so I hope to be able to improve it a bit a least :)

So when is a beta release?? Don't hold your breath, sorry. There's still some work to be done before Luppp will be ready for prime-time, but until then feel free to test it if you're interested!

Will keep you posted, -Harry