Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Luppp: Stage 3

Hey All,

Got some great news... there was a nasty stupid bug in the GUI redraw of the waveforms, (which I mistakenly though was due to threading) but it turns out the code was entering a loop with an increment that evaluated to zero... But its fixed now! :)

So with the GUI up and running one can see how far along the loops are, and what "amount" of the loop is going to be played.. ie "zooming" in on the part of the loop that's active.

Also the engine has been getting some attention during the Linux Audio Conference, held in Maynooth this year! This means that initial CSound support exists, so effects & instruments can be coded up in CSound to be played live as if its an internal synth / effects box. Lots of new possibilites now, and due to the csound .csd files being text based, they will be real easy to share & merge, allowing all users to contribue & share presets for effects with eachother.. :)

Mandatory screenshot:

Till next! -Harry

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