Friday, April 8, 2011

AVBin : Your favorite interface to Audio & Video


Today I spent some time trying to work out the best way to load AV streams (ie: .avi, .vob, .mp3 etc) files into me program. So there are a nice 100 or so ways to do this with different libraries. But what's LGPL and usable? There's a good question.

After a good bit of googling around I found FFMpeg, LibAVCodec, LibAVFormat, LibAVFilter etc... all hard to link to, seperate fast-moving API's and breaking ABI's... nightmare.

In comes LibAVBin, a "thin wrapper" around all the above libraries, and abstracts away the details. Still getting the example to work is a little messy, so heres my own experience with it as of 09-04-11.

Grab the source here:

Then read the readme, and hit the SVN command to grab the latest FFMpeg.

./ the library, there's a couple of errors in main, cast "malloc" to (void*), and fix whatever else is needed... I forget!

Then grab:

That's the basic code for analysing a file's media content. From there it should be easy enough to see what's needed. The top of the header file has a nice "tutorial" on what functions need to be called in what order. I'm sure you'll work it out. Any questions, fire away!

Cheers, -Harry

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