Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Luppp: Stage 4


Today Luppp got a SoundStretch class, its based on the LGPL library SoundTouch, and provides independant time or pitch scaling. That's pretty awesome :) Bind yer MIDI controller, and you can control the pitch of your loop... for drums its great to get some extra Oomp outta the kick.

The BPMDetect interface from SoundTouch isn't being employed yet, but it won't be long. Also the loading of sample files will be transfered from Looper & Sampler to FileLoader. In there will be the BPM detector, and automatic scaling of BPM of loops to the current BPM, then pushing it into the ResourceHolder buffer.

Also news: wierd ported LADSPA plugins won't crash the system anymore, and the stereo plugins still work on the mono channels, just using the Left ins & outs. A LADSPA GUI has been worked on, just a small dial that displays the value of a controller, but it needs a good rework before its useable.

A LoadSaveBase class is in order, that will be the parent of any class instance that wants to save / load data between sessions. (That's just about every instance... :) All in the pipe!
Till next, -Harry

Edit: Almost forgot, it also sends MIDI CLOCK now, so you can sync your LFO's on external synths to JACK transport :D

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