Sunday, January 16, 2011

Luppp : Update Funky


Its a special day: 10,000+ lines.

Lots of work been done: UI got a real haul over, but under the bonnet there's a structure for automating data, and some initial multi-threading is going on to keep the RT thread doing what its supposed to!

The following shots nicely show off the funky new UI:

"Loopers", each one will* represent an audio loop, and provide some nice effects like reversing a part of the loop, swapping parts around & beat-grinding...

I've only 2 hands so automation is essential: take it away! Any parameter can be controlled via OSC! Working on an implementation of MIDI LEARN, to open access to every MIDI thing out there

Finally (& most funky): The mixer.

Needs a little overhaul to not look your tripping, but basic features are there, the big orange is the fader, red-green-blue is a 3 band eq, under it the black line shows PAN (all 0 in shot).

Will post back when that 60's look is gone, -Harry

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