Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Luppp: Getting there

Hey all,

Serious progress going on! Audio input can be recorded (in time with the timebase) played back at a certain bpm (in sync with other files at the same bpm) effects can be applied to the signal stream (LADSPA only for now), and the resulting signals can be mixed with logarithmic faders, and finally the peak meters show you your levels ;-)

As you can see: there's a shiny "Add Track" button at the top of the screen, dynamically adds tracks to infinity...

The number in the left of the "track" widgets is its OSC ID, you'll need it to do things to that track!

The smaller numbers show how many beats there are in the loaded sample, and how many have elapsed.

The record button is there so you can enable.. duh

The orange faders give volume control (with a log scale of x^3, feels nice with a MIDI controller ;-)  Then the master output levels, and then the HUGE number to tell you what beat your on!

Next features: PFL on each mixer track, master faders, PFL faders, busses (sends), GUI interface to LADSPA effects (engine done :-)

Also needed: Some threading to allow RT thread not have to load / write audio samples, send large OSC messages etc. Working on it!

Cheers, till next! -Harry


  1. Not released as of yet.

    There's a couple of reasons:
    - I don't want support requests from people using it at this time
    - There are essential features that need to be implemented before it is "usable" in a musical sense.
    - Performance needs to be improved on before complex scenes can be run. Some basic threading will do.

    Also, I am not yet sure what license to release under, and am concidering doing "binary-only" releases for the sake of support.

    Controllers can be mapped to the software using personalized OSC scripts, so my holding of the source shouldn't impare use of the program what-so-ever to the average user.

    Cheers, -Harry