Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Luppp: New Effects interface

After a "push" quiet period, I've just pushed up a couple of branches changes:
-Luppp's GUI has had a bit of work
-Effect control from the APC40 has been revamped
-Effects sends have been implemented

-The GUI now shows the effects under the track, in a small widget: reasons? Now you can always see the state of all your effects, not just the ones on your currently selected track. Better for live situations!

-The APC40 has 8 buttons under the Device controls, they now each map to Effect on/off. They're labelled for a different purpose, but I find this use quite intuitive.

-Post fader sends are implemented, including widget representing the state. The GUI widget doesn't work yet (ie won't change the value) but it does update upon a controller change.

I've pushed the changes to devel, but also the master branch, AFAIK its stable.



  1. hello ... lately, so I often write on this blog, and I think it's also hard to read what I write because of my poor English, which forces me to use an online translator.
    I find this project interesting and very revolutionary, in linux there is no such thing, and I think it has much potential.
    I wanted to know if you were willing to add a page to the interface to make it work as a sequencer? there is no support so complete eto electronic music in a program only for linux, and a sequencer to run exactly as luppp ableton ... would be interesting to check an open source project like that ..
    I invite you sincerely to advertise the opportunity to use it in the studio as a sequencer, or even make a version set for that given that the lack of sw for linux dedicated to electronic music makes it unattractive to the producer who would break away from the machine or from window, more likely once it is known by more people could also bring more stimulus for the production of high quality plugins for linux (lv2) I read that you entered a three-band eq, I recommend a eq with ability to make parametric nell'occorenza and maybe you can add if necessary bands of equalization ...
    one thing I miss about linux sis tools is integrated into the daw to load soundfont so quick and fast ...
    I hope not to have you annoyed with my comments .. nice job

    1. Hi Gusta:

      Indeed sometimes it can be a little hard to understand what you write: But don't let that stop you!

      Indeed at some point I would like to add "sequencer" style functionality to Luppp. The problem is how to design it so it can be used on stage, without the performer only using the mouse to enter notes.

      There is a 3 band EQ, as well as a 4 band parametric EQ ( I don't currently use either, the interface is too slow.

      Soundfonts can already be loaded in Luppp, i need to create a better GUI interface to choosing a soundfont file, and choosing a particular bank / preset from it. Currently it just selects Bank 0, Preset 0, which is of little use to anybody.


    2. just to add about the EQ: *Using* the interface is too slow for a live performance, not that the GUI of the plugin is too slow!