Friday, March 16, 2012

Luppp: Alpha 1

Alpha 1 status:
100%  -  Closed

Today the last bug on the Alpha1 milestone has been closed, hence also the alpha1 release of Luppp 2.0. In a way this is a big occasion, its the first official release!

Alpha1 in action, with various effects and clips!

On the other hand, there's still a bucket load of work to be done before Luppp will be comfortable to use without various hardware controllers. I'm aware that there's lots of half-finished, half broken as well as broken stuff! Hey its still alpha!

Current milestone: Alpha2
There's already a list of bugs / feature requests up! There's also many GUI issues that are known and NOT there, but I'd prefer fix them than waste time posting a bug report.

Welcoming (adventurous alpha) testers, any issues will be dealt with as promptly as possible! Please file bug reports here:

1 comment:

  1. hello I wanted to know if it will be added to make a sequencer can use this tool for music production studio.
    where can I find some more information about the product?

    I think that with the power of this ardor 3 sw would have a power out of the ordinary, allowing an easy going live sequencing and implement many useful functions, being able to work comfortably on studio production and live on that in, adding features like (I do not know if some are already included or will or will never be included) support for midi tracks, audio recording and sequencing (very useful in the production studio) wraper of resynthesis of which seems to be included soon .... these pieces of code, or parts of them would create a complete package for the production of electronic music and should fill a hole in the daw music open source, in addition would give full support and suitable for both is that linux vst plugins lv2 if we add DSSI effects (if the midi support) will provide a full support to all the standards of the linux plugin.
    advice that I can give and not make the mistake of many linux daw, to seem unfinished for lack of tools like virtual keyboards samplers sw absent or poorly designed, its general lack of high quality plugins etc. etc. ... on some other things you can not ignore ... But this is a concept that still seems to fail on linux where you prefer to assign functions that do not dislike other sw leaving so many gaps in user experience, forcing people to keep or window or in a dual boot (like me) to switch to mac to be able to work.
    I still I have talked to in my blog, nice sw