Sunday, February 20, 2011

Luppp: Update Automation


Productivity of today: Automation. Although the widget was already done, and the hard code in place, making it actually effect the parameters in the engine was a little tricky. It now communicates with itself internally (rather than the CPU expensive OSC beforehand). I've had lots of automation tracks running concurrently and there's no problems with performance that I can see. :-)

Here we have a couple of lines, unfortunaly I didn't record the output of Luppp while it was playing the lines, would have been nice...

Also created in the last weeks, a primitive MIDI editor... Clicky in notes, the engine plays them back (sample accurate... :-)

Currently not much can be done bar insert & clear notes. But with a bit of time that will all change...

Also new: Rather than  1 - 2 - 3 - 4 on the screen, I've opted for 4 circles to appear, each a different colour for each bar. Its as easy to follow and a bit more cheerful!

Bottom left of the screenshots there's a "Stop" & "Play" button, which make jack transport start / stop. Useful to not have to switch to QJackCtl everytime.

Till next, -Harry

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