Saturday, December 18, 2010

Luppp: Update? Nah News!


Here's the deal: Luppp has been brought back to life. Not only same code is being re-used, but other projects have joined forces and now co-exist with Luppp.

This makes all the features from the other projects easier to implement in Luppp, like looping a .wav file, like processing automation data, providing LADSPA plugins.. :-)

The front-end needs work dratically, its basically just an OSC & terminal application atm. But that's all gonna change. Plans are made to scrap the "internal OSC" mode, in favour of being able to access the waveform data etc in the GUI thread. Nessisary evil for a nice program. Oh well.

Also the GUI will be totally reworked from 0, just like the engine was. This will provide more stable & maintainable code, as what I wrote a couple of years ago isn't quite what most would concider acceptable.. :-P

Will post here once there's new features... -Harry

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