Monday, February 22, 2010

Luppp: Update 3


Again some progress. A Sequencer class has been thought up, and how it will interact with JACK timebase or its own timebase. Great advice was provided by a a software systems lecturer, and I'm confident that when done the sequencer part of the engine will perform quite well despite there being no direct connection from the other parts of the program to it.

Other updates: I'm currently converting the build system to CMake. Reason: Waf claims its cross-platform, but since I'm using it, I've not compiled Luppp on windows. So there was need for some change there, to allow proper CP operation.

The CodeBase isnt growing at all at the moment, but it is stabilizing & being upgraded to have better functionality & efficiency... (Ie: No creating a float array of nframes size each time process is called!

Till  next, -Harry

1 comment:

  1. OMG a new live-looper and Ardour control-bindings? You must be reading my mind!! I'd love to trade ideas sometime - I'm playing with a number of UI and re-purposing ideas.