Saturday, January 14, 2012

Luppp : Source opened, but still pre-alpha!

Hi All!

With recent changes in the world of live looping software I've decided to open my private repo of Luppp.

The Luppp project has been one of my main occupations over the last couple of years, and I've tought myself C++ programming while working on it. Its a live looping instrument with similar features to the well known software Ableton Live, and more recently Bitwig studio. I feel the live workflow available with such programs is something the Linux Audio community would also benefit from, and hence it will be released under the GPL license, version 3.

Its current state is that most "basic" functionality is in place: Loading, playing back & recording of loops works, effects can be added to these audio streams, and later they are mixed. A basic config file is used to store information about loops, and hence Luppp can make more informed decisions how to use loops.

This is pre-alpha software, as not all features to fullfill alpha state are  implemented. On the other side, most features currently available are quite stable (on my local machine anyway :)

I would like to announce that I will continue to work on the Luppp project myself, but that I do also welcome input / testing / help from other developers. I am aware that there are some basic enough flaws in the program in its current state, however these are also the primary items on my TODO list.

Remember its pre-alpha, please keep that in mind :)
Git source repo:
ZIP of master branch:

If you're intrested in working on Luppp, have a feature request, have ideas, time, or want to build Luppp a website, feel free to get in contact!!
Cheers, -Harry

Mandatory screenshot (note your GTK theme will influence its looks, this is on the todo! ):


  1. Although I have no personal interest in Live/Looping at all because my style of music does not require it I find this a very likeable news.

    And a good strategic move as well to counter the recent Bitwig announcement. Please make sure to let people know that a new player is in town. Whatever you think of your software personally it is the best thing open source software has in this field already, at least if I understood it correctly, because it is the only one.

    'Likeable' because I am creating a notation editor (blog: currently and I'm teaching myself Python to do it (I am not a programmer but a musician). It is also pre-alpha and open.

    Keep the public informed!

  2. hi Harry
    do you have a screencast of luppp in action ?

  3. Nope, no screencasts... I have a couple of songs on SoundCloud:

    I've not been at home with my gear for the last couple of weeks, so those songs reflect mouse & Akai MPK mini & headphones. Hopefully with the APC40 at home the songs will become more dynamic & less repetitive.

  4. I have been waiting for something like this for years! I had practically lost all hope, I am really glad someone is working on this. Unfortunately I can't code, so I cannot contribute. Let me know if I can help in any way. For now I'll just spread the news around, on Loopers Delight and such. Best of luck and keep up the good work.

  5. Why copy Live? Many think that Ableton Live isn't very good for Live Looping. For perspective one might compare the feature-set with Mobius.

  6. @Mr Pantucci: Good stuff, hope it works well for you. As far as helping, testing it would already be great but keep in mind that its alpha. Will let you know when I have an alpha build available :)

    @Persboysen: My goal is not to copy live. Although the current interface may seem quite similar, in implementation of functionality in the engine I'm quite sure that its different to Ableton, and also the features that I have planned are much more geared towards live use, and much less towards a "sequenced" workflow. I will have another look at Mobius for inspiration, however last time I looked I don't remember being too impressed...

  7. finalemente someone who takes a right direction for linux ...
    I find it very interesting to integrate these functions into ardor (making it a fork) ...
    so after the release of ardor 3, you might have a serious daw for electronic music with many functions already written

    1. Hi Gusta,

      Currently the Luppp project is aimed at live performance, and Ardour3 is a audio/MIDI DAW. That's most likely how it will stay.

      I have considered some type of "Export Session to Ardour" functionality, which would allow a Luppp session to be saved in Ardour's native format, hence enabling them to co-operate easily.

      Cheers, -Harry

  8. awesome work! waiting your first release

  9. hello harry'm trying to install luppp a week without being able to do that, I updated the package and tried to install it with ". / waf install"
    but at some point I error by him [69/70] cxxprogram: .build/src/main.cpp.1.o -> .build / luppp
    + Install / usr / local / bin / luppp (from .build / luppp)
    Waf: Leaving directory `/ home/monica/Scaricati/harryhaaren-Luppp-3aaaa4b/.build '
    Build failed
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    file line 125, in process
    ret = ()
    file line 49, in run
    return m1 (self)
    file line 444, in run
    self.generator.exec_task return ()
    file line 461, in exec_install_files
    self.generator.bld.do_install (y.abspath (), destfile, self.chmod)
    file line 506, in do_install
    raise Errors.WafError ('Could not install the file% r'% tgt)
    WafError: Could not install the file '/ usr / local / bin / luppp'

    is from 1 week we crazy

    1. Hello Monica (I'll presume that is your name from the output..)

      The correct place to file issues is at the issue tracker on github:

      The error you see is because your system has Python3 installed, and that version of Luppp will only compile with Python2.

      try python2 ./waf

      I've created an issue on github, please reply there if you have more issues. Thanks!

  10. hello Harry! Trying to install luppp and get a lot of errors. i'm new in linux-audio, so i hope you can help. i'm getting this errors while install with ./waf :

    "[ 7/69] cxx: src/offlineworker.cpp -> .build/src/offlineworker.cpp.0.o
    [10/69] cxx: src/bufferaudiosource.cpp -> .build/src/bufferaudiosource.cpp.0.o
    [11/69] cxx: src/fluidsynthaudiosource.cpp -> .build/src/fluidsynthaudiosource.cpp.0.o
    [12/69] cxx: src/whitenoiseaudiosource.cpp -> .build/src/whitenoiseaudiosource.cpp.0.o
    ../src/fluidsynthaudiosource.cpp:26:1: Warnung: unbenutzter Parameter »name« [-Wunused-parameter]
    ../src/offlineworker.cpp: In Elementfunktion »int OfflineWorker::addTrack(int)«:
    ../src/offlineworker.cpp:169:1: Warnung: keine return-Anweisung in nicht void zur├╝ckgebender Funktion [-Wreturn-type]
    ../src/offlineworker.cpp: In Elementfunktion »int OfflineWorker::loadAudioBuffer(int, int, std::string)«:
    ../src/offlineworker.cpp:270:7: Warnung: Variable »tmpSR« wird nicht verwendet [-Wunused-variable]
    Assembler messages:
    Fatal error: can't create src/fluidsynthaudiosource.cpp.0.o: Permission denied
    ../src/offlineworker.cpp: In Elementfunktion »int OfflineWorker::createNewEffect(int, int, int)«:
    ../src/offlineworker.cpp:108:1: Warnung: Kontrollfluss erreicht Ende von Nicht-void-Funktion [-Wreturn-type]
    Assembler messages:
    Fatal error: can't create src/bufferaudiosource.cpp.0.o: Permission denied
    Assembler messages:
    Fatal error: can't create src/whitenoiseaudiosource.cpp.0.o: Permission denied
    Assembler messages:
    Fatal error: can't create src/offlineworker.cpp.0.o: Permission denied
    Waf: Leaving directory `/home/hansimsound/Downloads/Luppp-master/.build'
    Build failed
    -> task failed (exit status 1):
    {task 38589328: cxx fluidsynthaudiosource.cpp -> fluidsynthaudiosource.cpp.0.o}


    "{task 38589264: cxx bufferaudiosource.cpp -> bufferaudiosource.cpp.0.o}" [...]

    "{task 38589456: cxx whitenoiseaudiosource.cpp -> whitenoiseaudiosource.cpp.0.o}" [...]

    "{task 38588880: cxx offlineworker.cpp -> offlineworker.cpp.0.o}" [...]

    tried to install libconfig 1.4.9, maybe here is the error?

    thanks for help

    1. Hi, could you post the issue here please? Its easier to keep track & link others if the same problem arises again.

      Its most likely this problem again: perhaps check the solutions proposed before creating a new issue.

      Thanks, -Harry

      PS: Welcome to linux-audio! Checkout this great post for details on the community