Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ambisonics & Linux, resources & quick toots


I've recently been asked how I do Ambisonics on Linux using open-source tools, so here's a very quick rundown of how it all works:
  1. Get a linux install, preferably "AVLinux" or "TangoStudio". I have experience with both of those and know they work well, and I'm not telling you to abandon your distro of choice here, just for people who are wondering what distro to choose for a new install
  2. Run "sudo apt get install jackd ardour2 amb-plugins" in a terminal to grab the big programs your going to need (if you don't have them already)
  3.  Go to
  4.  Download clthreads, clxclient, and ambdec. Perhaps also get the ambdec manual..
  5. Build the 3 just downloaded bits of software, in the following order: cltreads, clxclient, then ambdec. Ambdec needs the other libraries on your system to compile! It should be easy after that & there should be a readme / install file, but just in case:
    1. extract the contents
    2. cd to the new folder (with extracted contents in it)
    3. open a terminal and type "make" & hit enter
    4. now do "sudo make install"
  6. Software is ready, so now read this:
  7. Give it a go
Any questions about the setup feel free to get in touch :)

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