Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Luppp: Slow Steady Progress


Not that much new fancy graphics or anything to show off today. Just that the internal audio / midi code is getting a needed clean-up and haul-over. Also some hard-coded MIDI mappings are in place, currently thinking about how to best implement the binding of the controls...

Some more engine class placement needs to be done before its all sorted out and neat, that's the main work. Its things like transfering ownership of audio buffers to the ResourceHolder class as opposed to each buffer being owned by a seperate "player" class, and no FX or other classes being able to use that buffer.

There should be a noticable performance gain once the changes are in place, as it rips out lots of unneeded signals & slots, and replaces them with a pointerToObject - > doIt () call. Sweet.

Also I've been messing with it recently, here's a little clip of a drum beat (.wav loop) and 3 layers of guitar + some live soloing going on:
LupppGuitarJam by HarryHaaren

Patiently waiting to get MIDI looping in place... :-) -Harry

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