Saturday, June 26, 2010

Vala & Gstreamer

Hey All,

Yesterday I took the plunge to try and learn Vala. That's
not too bad as its based on C#, which has syntax like Java / C++.

Its a language designed around the GObject system that the Gnome
platform employs, and hence is a great language to use for that kind
of application development.

GStreamer (or GnomeStreamer..?) is a multimedia library that follows
the GObject style, and incorperates well with Vala & the Gnome platform.

All in all this should allow for "write-once, run-everywhere" programming,
while the performance should stay approximatly as good as when coding in
native C, because Vala gets compiled to C, and then the C sources are run
trough your C compiler of choice.. (gcc).

Ill let you know once I have something useful coded.. -Harry

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